The Excellence East Charter

Excellence East comprises a diverse and unique group of local, regional and national educational professionals. We believe that high quality provision for able, gifted and talented pupils raises aspirations, motivation and attainment and inspires in them a passion for lifelong learning. We aim to work together, sharing and employing our expertise and experience, to change practice and improve provision for pupils across the Eastern Region.

Our key principles are:

  1. To develop high quality classroom learning for all pupils through the provision of relevant, innovative and effective Continuous Professional Development opportunities for teachers.
  2. To offer extension and enrichment opportunities for pupils across the region to demonstrate and develop their abilities, gifts and talents.
  3. To place an emphasis on the needs of pupils through Student Voice to enable young people to be proactively involved in their own learning. 
  4. To recognise that one of our priorities is inclusive provision for vulnerable and underachieving able, gifted and talented young people.
  5. To engage and work closely with parents and carers to support the education of able, gifted and talented pupils in the region. 
  6. To aspire to excellence in all that we do with pupils, education professionals and parents/ carers, through clear communication systems, including website, newsletters, conferences and regular attendance at meetings.