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All round interest - full of superb free resources to explore
- a good start for a learning journey British Library the worlds knowledge tips on how to become a top performer in over 40 different areas e.g. becoming a top artist, a top chef, a top club DJ, a top surfer -

Newsademic is a newspaper for young readers and anyone studying English as a foreign language. Its aim is to educate and inform them about current events and international news stories.

Art a virtual art gallery

Building a website information about websites and advice on different types and how to get started

Current Affairs UK Youth Parliament 10 Downing Street

Drama and entertainment Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Creative Drama & Theatre Education

English, Literature and Storytelling - one of the webs largest storytelling resources a newspaper written by kids for kids' an online book forum and writing residential courses link literacy and ICT and build a website for this international competition

Geography hosted by the Royal Geographical Society, covering a wide range of countries, themes, and materials suitable for all ages

History - thorough and detailed historical information resources and places to visit Institute of Historical Research

Languages A cross curricular, interactive approach to Latin - Googles free translation tool catalogue of the worlds 6912 known languages

Mathematics intriguing maths challenges - American fun maths site Nrich (Mathematics)

Music voice gym that combines brain gym and singing - view and hear strange musical instruments

Problem solving guidance for solving problems

Religion photos from the worlds major religions prayers from across all religious traditions

Science, technology and inventions - BBC science and nature site wide range of information - vitual exhibits from Cardiffs Techniquest help save the planet

Sport - Olympic Games website BBC sports website

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