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VIDEO: Teaching parents to talk to their babies

4th March 2014
A new scheme in the US aims to reduce income inequality by teaching parents to talk to their babies more. The BBC's Laura Trevelyan reports on efforts to close the 'word gap'.

VIDEO: Jewish school redacted exam papers

4th March 2014
A Jewish girls' school in Hackney has been redacting questions on evolution on science exam papers because they do not fit in with their beliefs.

VIDEO: Teacher 'taped pupils' mouths up'

4th March 2014
A teacher is suspended following claims that tape was put over the mouths of several pupils after she had told them they were too noisy.

Childcare 'costs more than mortgage'

4th March 2014
Many parents in Britain are now paying more for childcare in a year than they pay for their mortgages, research suggests.

Labour sets out school exam plans

3rd March 2014
Labour proposes a new school-leaving qualification which combines vocational and academic learning.

AUDIO: Stringfellow backs student strippers

3rd March 2014
Nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow says students are "absolutely not" turning to stripping out of desperation for money.

Annoying things parents say on secondary school admissions day

3rd March 2014
Annoying things parents say and do

Parents 'must be positive on maths'

3rd March 2014
A new campaign encouraging parents to be positive about maths is being launched in Wales.

Johnson: Remove radicalised children

3rd March 2014
Muslim children who risk being radicalised by their parents should be taken into care as victims of child abuse, London Mayor Boris Johnson says.

VIDEO: What is Labour's plan for English schools

2nd March 2014
Labour is still drawing up plans on how to take on Michael Gove's plans over school policies in England.

VIDEO: Would Labour sack unqualified teachers

2nd March 2014
Unqualified teachers "should not be in the classroom", says Tristram Hunt when asked if his party would fire them.

Consortium bids for HS2 college

2nd March 2014
A consortium is putting together a bid for Birmingham to be the site of a college to train skilled workers for the planned HS2 railway.

VIDEO: School Reporters check out coding

2nd March 2014
Students from Eastlea Community School give computer programming a go and interview Moshi Monsters creator Michael Smith to find out why he thinks everyone can code.

UK's space engineers want new cadets

1st March 2014
The first degree-level space engineering apprenticeship is launched by Skills Minister Matthew Hancock as National Apprenticeship Week gets under way.

Hundreds of exam papers regraded

28th February 2014
An exam board says hundreds of GCSE, AS and A-level results have been regraded after marking errors.