The co-construction of lessons with students

King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford

The co-construction of lessons with students provided by Emma Barton

Co-construction was the focus of one of King Edward VI Grammar Schools Teaching and Learning Groups this year.  The project involved nine teachers from different departments working individually or in pairs to explore how lessons could be effectively co-constructed with students to create a different learning experience for all involved.  The co-construction involved a variety of students from different year groups, working alongside teachers to produce a lesson or part-lesson on an agreed topic.  Lessons were varied, with some being across year groups and some within.  The students subsequently delivered their planned material according to agreed learning goals.  Examples of the co-constructed lessons included: Year 13 Economics students teaching two other Year 13 Economics groups using a range of resources including YouTube, PowerPoint, a quiz and an AfL worksheet; four Year 10 Music students teaching a Year 7 class on the topic Elements of Music; four Year 12 Biology students devising and presenting a computer based activity on diet and nutrition to a Year 7 class; four Year 9 English students teaching a poetry lesson, incorporating whole class discussion, a writing activity and a group performance of the poem.  Feedback from the project was extremely positive; teachers were particularly impressed with the time and effort students put in to the planning of the lessons and the exciting resources created.


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